Security and Privacy


We value your interest in your privacy very much. Therefore we make sure that the personal information we receive from you is handled in a confidential manner. Furthermore we ensure that we comply with applicable privacy legislation.

In this Privacy Statement we explain what we do with the personal data we receive from you.

Overview of the personal data we receive from you
We receive personal data from you in the following ways:
1. Order on our website or in our app
2. Registration of an account for our website and app
3. Contact with us

On 1 Order on our website or in our app
When you place an order on our website or in our app we ask you for various information. We need this information in order to process your order. This information differs per product or service that you order and may consist of:

  • name;
  • email address;
  • telephone number;
  • delivery address;
  • payment details;
  • IP address (we store this automatically when you place an order).
Service Messages
In exceptional cases we use your personal information to send you important messages on the products or services that we delivered.

Direct Marketing
When you have placed an order with us, we send direct marketing messages on new products or services to the email address you have given us. You can object to receiving such messages at any time. To this end, each direct marketing email contains an opt out possibility.

Retention Period Transaction Data
We store all transaction data on your orders until seven years after your order has been processed. We do this because we are legally obligated to do so. Transaction data consist of: the product of service that has been delivered, the delivery details and the details of the corresponding payment.

On 2 Registration of an account for our website and app
You can register an account for our website and app. For this purpose you use your email address as user name and you choose a password by yourself. Next to this you can store the following information in your account: your name, (delivery) address, telephone number and payment details. This information then does not need to be entered anymore during a following order.

When you have registered an account, we also store the information on orders connected to that account. The details on an order are stored in your account until thirteen months after the order has been processed. This way you can track your orders and you have an overview of earlier orders you made under the same account.

You can adjust your account information at any time. You can also delete your account at any time. We delete your account information after you have deleted your account and therefore you cannot re-activate a deleted account.

On 3 Contact with us
You can contact us in several ways. Through telephone, email and social media. We takes notes of the personal contact we have with you in order to improve our service to you. We also randomly analyse our personal contact moments to learn from them. We store this information until one and a half year after the contact has taken place.
Should we want to record a telephone conversation with you for training purposes, we will inform you on that in advance.

Fraud Prevention
We do our utmost to make sure that orders on our website on in our app are not subject to fraud. We do this to try to prevent consumers like yourself becoming a victim of fraud because someone else places an order for their account. This is why we perform a fraud check on each order. This check may result in a refusal of an order. Since we consider fraud prevention to be very important, we use all the personal data we have of you for this purpose.

Transfer of your Personal Information to other Parties
We never sell your personal information to third parties.

We transfer your personal data to the third parties we engage for our business operations. With these parties we execute agreements based on which they commit themselves to this Privacy Statement and the then current privacy laws.

Sometimes we are legally obligated to transfer your personal data to third parties. This is for example the case in the event of a police investigation on fraud.

The payment method you choose for an order may make it necessary for us to provide your personal information to the party who processes the payment. In this case, we only transfer the data that are necessary to be able to process your order.

Prepaid top-ups
When you order a prepaid top up with us, it may be necessary for us to transfer your telephone number to your telecom provider to be able to deliver the prepaid top up you ordered.

Outside the use of your personal data as described above, we always ask your explicit consent to use your personal data for a specific purpose.

Location of your Personal Information
We mainly process your personal information within the European Economic Area. As far as the data are processed in third countries, we will ensure that this processing is in accordance with applicable legislation.

Security of your Personal Data
We ensure that your personal data are well secured. We constantly adapt the security measures to the legal requirements.

Information on and Change of your Personal Information
If you have questions or remarks on the personal information we have of you, please contact us through the contact details listed below.
You have the following rights:
  • to get an explanation on the personal data we have of you and what we do with that information;
  • to receive an overview of the personal data we have of you;
  • to have corrected errors in the personal information we have of you;
  • to have deleted outdated personal information we have of you;
  • to withdraw your consent to the use of personal data of you for which we have receive your explicit consent;
  • to object to a certain use of the personal data we have of you.
Please make sure to always indicate exactly who you are for us to be sure that we do not adjust or delete information on the wrong person.

Questions or Complaints
Please contact us through the contact details listed below if you have any questions on this Privacy Statement.
If you feel that we do not help you correctly, you can complain about this with the supervisory authority.

Changes to this Privacy Statement
This Privacy Statement is subject to change from time to time. Please make sure on a regular basis that you are informed of the latest version.

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